Family Sends Out Warning After Daughter Swallows 28 Toy Pieces

September 26, 2017Sep 26, 2017

A family from Colorado is sending an urgent warning out to other families after their 2-year-old daughter swallowed 28 toy pieces. The young child ultimately landed in the hospital.

The parents were extremely concerned for their daughter’s health and safety. The mother told Fox News, “It was terrifying. I was losing it, [her father] luckily kept it together.”

The toy pieces had to be removed with a specialized endoscopy after the initial procedure failed. The doctor pulled out 28 magnetic balls from the child’s bowel, known as “Buckyballs,” which have become a very popular children’s product over the years.

The small, ball magnets reportedly linked together inside her body to form a circle. Thankfully, the doctors performed the procedure in time, so there were no long-term effects and the child is completely back to normal. However, the doctors confirmed that similar cases have led to severe damage and even death.

Dr. Robert Kramer, the doctor working on this little one's case, stated, “[The balls] were pinching the bowel and causing the early formation of a hole within the bowel by the time we got in there. That can have very significant implications In the worst cases there has been death associated with these.”

According to Fox, Buckyballs were recalled a few years ago, but was overturned by the courts last year. Now that they are back on the market, more cases are coming forward and the magnets still pose a great risk to children.

Do you or someone you know have children that play with Buckyballs? Please share this important information with friends and family. Thank you!

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