Daughter’s Pregnancy Reveal To Mom Goes Hilariously Wrong; Take a Look

May 11, 2017May 11, 2017

A daughter’s pregnancy reveal to her mom went hilariously wrong after trying to spill the secret via a game of Mad Gab.

In Mad Gab, players try to figure out phrases where every word is replaced with a similar sounding word.

According to Inside Edition, 34-year-old Ashley Embry wanted her mom to say the phrase “I am going to be a grandmother” outloud by having her read the words “Eye mag own abbey aground mow there.”

Apparently her 63-year-old mother Wendy Hertzog is no Mad Gab champ, as she continued to have no clue what she was saying despite repeated attempts to figure it out.

Finally, after a lot of hints from her daughter, Wendy finally spoke the key phrase.

“I am going to be a grandmother.”

After a shocked moment, she realized what she had said. And her reaction was incredible.

Watch the video below:

Ashley put a lot of work into the pregnancy reveal, too, using Photoshop and advice from a copy center to make the “I am going to be a grandmother” Mad Gab card look and feel real.

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