Danish Prince Rushes Home From Olympics After Health Crisis at Palace

February 09, 2018Feb 09, 2018

The Crown Prince of Denmark, Prince Frederik, unexpectedly left the Winter Olympics today after the palace informed him his father is ill. Prince Frederik flew home after he learned that his 83-year-old father, Prince Henrik, is gravely ill. The palace released a statement on Friday, according to People. 

This doesn't mean good things of the elder prince's health. The Olympics are very important to Frederik. The prince, a skier, had his own Olympic dreams. He even met his wife, Crown Princess Mary, at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

He’s now an active member of the International Olympic Committee. He was expected to remain in South Korea until February 25 for the duration of the Games.

However, the situation at home required him to leave the Olympics. The condition of Prince Henrik, consort of the nation’s reigning Queen Margrethe II, deteriorated this week after he was hospitalized while vacationing in Egypt at the end of January.'

Doctors diagnosed Prince Henrik with pneumonia, and he was hurriedly transported back to Copenhagen. However, tests performed in Denmark revealed a more dangerous ailment—a tumor in his left lung.

A biopsy confirmed the tumor was benign, but he contracted an infection. The palace announced Friday that Prince Henrik’s condition had “greatly worsened.”

“It’s not good,” said the prince’s lifelong friend, fashion designer and businessman Erik Brandt, 74.

“When the Crown Prince returns home from the Olympics in South Korea, you and I know that this is serious,” Brandt said. “Very serious.”

IN 2017, Henrik was admitted to the hospital several times before being diagnosed with dementia in September.

On Friday morning, Princess Mary, took the couple’s elder children, Prince Christian, 12, and Princess Isabella, 10, to visit their grandfather in the Copenhagen hospital.

“I know my brother is not well,” his 75-year-old brother, Étienne de Monpezat, told BT. “It seems to be a matter of time.”

Henrick, formerly known as Count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat, married Queen Margrethe II in June 1967 in Copenhagen. They have two children, Crown Prince Frederik, 49, and Prince Joachim, 48.

In recent years, the prince has made headlines for his displeasure with the title he was given in the Danish royal family. He is prince consort to Queen Margrethe, which is traditional for men married to female monarchs. However, Henrik thinks that he should have the title of King Consort. The now-retired royal has even said he refuses to be buried next to his wife.

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