‘Dancing With the Stars’ Exaggerated My Memory Loss

More to the story. Five years later, he finally shared his struggles with memory loss. Dancing With the Stars, Frankie Muniz is clarifying his story — and shedding more light on his health battle.

“I did Dancing With the Stars in 2017 and they have an episode where it’s the ‘Most Memorable Year’ episode — they told me my most memorable year was 2001,” the 36-year-old former child star recently said on the “Pardon My Take” podcast. “And I go, ‘I don’t know what to say,’ and they’re like, ‘Why?’ … They’re interviewing me and the way it got cut together, the way they put it, was that I have zero memory of anything.”

Muniz was partnered Witney CarsonFor season 25, the competition show ended in 3rd position.

“Now if you search my name, it basically says I don’t remember anything — like 50 First Dates, my wife has to wake up every morning and plays me a video,” theMalcolm in the Middle alum continued. “I know I was Malcolm. I did a lot. I don’t remember everything. … I like to now talk about it because I have a better understanding of what it is. … People come up to me all the time and they’re like, ‘Do you know who you are? Your name is Frankie Muniz.’”

Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson on ‘Dancing With The Stars.’
ABC/Eric McCandless

The actor explained that he was misdiagnosed as having TIAs — a Transient Ischemic Attack, often known as mini-strokes — years ago.

“I was having these episodes where, like, I’d lose my vision, I couldn’t recognize faces, couldn’t talk, all this kind of stuff. It was happening fairly frequently. And I was told that I was having many strokes for TIAs, which is a pretty big deal,” he said, noting that the doctors kept running tests on him. “I finally had a doctor really kind of look into it, and it ends up I was just having aura migraines.”

Muniz said he’s still trying to figure out what “triggers” the recurring, extreme headache. “Am I eating something? Or is it high-stress situations?” he explained. “I’m trying to figure that out now, but I haven’t had one in a few years.”

During his DWTS stint, Muniz spoke to Us WeeklyConcerning not being able recall moments of Malcolm in the MiddleYou can find out more.

“It’s something I’ve never really talked about. But we were talking about being on Malcolm and how it started, and I don’t really have memories of being on the show. My memories of being on the show are seeing the episodes and the show. So that’s what we started talking about and it became the story for the night for me, but it is true. It’s a weird thing. My whole life, it’s not just now,” he said in 2017, noting he’s “had a lot of concussions” in his lifetime. “I’ve had nine concussions, which I think if I was a ballplayer, I wouldn’t be allowed to play anymore. But I don’t know. Like I said, it’s not something I’ve looked into … I’m not a doctor person. Every time I go to the doctors, they tell me I’m just crazy.”

Muniz has had a wife Paige PriceHe will be by his side and they will tie the knot in 2020, and welcome son Mauz to the world in 2021.

“I get sad at the thought of losing my memory, because I know that I do. So [Paige] writes literally in detail — she’s a writer too, so it works — like a journal that I can look at any day. It does bring me back there because there is really cool, amazing detail,” he told Us in 2017.

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