Dallas Cowboys Star QB on Anthem Protest: 'I Never Protest During the Anthem'

July 30, 2018Jul 30, 2018

The NFL anthem protest has been at the center of the league for a few seasons now. Players and fans have been divided about the controversy of protesting during the opening song.

Many players, and even some coaches, have spoken out in favor of the protests. However, one star is now speaking out against the anthem kneeling and his words are making headlines around the nation!

“I never protest during the anthem and I don’t think that’s the time or venue to do so,” said Dad Prescott.

Dad is the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He is a major leader in the league and his words carry tons of weight.

“When you bring such controversy to the stadium, to the field, to the game [...] it takes away from the joy and to the love that brings a lot of people,” he said.

This is so awesome to see an actual star stick up for America! Fans went wild on Twitter after Dark made the comments.

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