NFL Owner Makes Headlines for Saying He'll Do This to Players Who Protest the National Anthem

August 01, 2017Aug 01, 2017

As the nation awaits the start of football season, some folks are wondering if it will be anything like it was last year. Many saw the league become divided after a protest to kneel during the anthem, started by Colin Kaepernick, made national headlines.

However, one team owner is speaking out in a major way about the potential for controversy on his team during the 2017 season. Jerry Jones, the long time team owner of the Dallas Cowboys, recently opened up during an interview. Apparently, if a player won’t stand for the anthem, they’re off the team!

According to CBS local radio in Southern California, team owner Jerry Jones has made it clear to players that if they’re going to take a knee during the national anthem, then they’re going to be doing it for another team, reports state.

Jones is known for his patriotic love for the country and his pride in the flag. He issued a similar statement last year when the controversy was at a peak.

“I got to give a big pat on the back to our entire team, our coaching staff, our entire organization,” Jones said. “We strongly, strongly support the flag. In every way, we support — it’s almost ridiculous to be saying it — the people that for generations and generations have given it all up so we can get out here and show off in front of millions of people on television. We respect that so much. That’s the real business.”

He also took a direct shot at Kaepernick when he said, “The forum of the NFL and the forum on television is a very significant thing. I’m for it being used in every way we can to support the great, great contributors in our society and that’s people that have supported America, the flag, and there’s no reason not to go all out right there. For anybody to use parts of that visibility to do otherwise is really disappointing.”

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