Dale Earnhardt Jr. Slams Into Tree, Other Drivers Warned to Clear Out

January 17, 2018Jan 17, 2018

It might be best to “stay off the roads.” That’s the message coming out of a crash involving NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Proving that bad weather can even get the best of the best drivers, Earnhardt found the roads in North Carolina’s Piedmont region too tough an opponent after several inches of snow covered them in the early morning hours on Wednesday.

According to Sporting News, Earnhardt had stopped to help another motorist who had slid off the road. Five minutes later, the retired stock car champion found his own rig run right up against a pine tree.


In case you’re wondering, Earnhardt’s first name is Ralph, but he’s professionally known as “Dale Earnhardt Jr.” or simply “Junior.” He did not say anything about being injured in the crash. While the mother of the motorist Earnhardt helped out thanked him on Twitter, and many fans expressed thankfulness that he wasn’t hurt, others took the opportunity to razz him.






Winter Storm Inga has been causing havoc the southeastern U.S. the past several days, leading to hundreds of wrecks, according to the Insurance Journal. As the brunt of the storm moves into the Northeast, The Weather Channel reports, the South is still seeing plenty of fresh snow coating already icy roads, especially in the Carolinas.

Please be safe out there! In other news, a female terrorist is suspected in the bombing deaths of 12 people on Wednesday.

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