Daily Newspaper Columnist Fires Back After Suspension for her NRA-ties, What She Says in Response is Inspiring

May 04, 2017May 04, 2017

A conservative columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was suspended recently for comments she made in defending the NRA from comparisons to ISIS.

Stacy Washington’s column entitled “Guns and the Media” argued against an anti-NRA article that claimed since more Americans die from guns than ISIS, the Second Amendment advocacy group is the greater danger, according to Fox News

She wrote, “[W]hen has a member of the NRA ever decapitated, set on fire, tossed from a rooftop or otherwise terrorized another American? The linkage is not only rife with improver context; it is false on its face.”

At the same time, she also voiced her concern over the lack of conservatives in U.S. newsrooms.

“This failure to represent the opposing, especially conservative, view is an increasingly apparent deficit in the news reporting apparatus in our country.”

The newspaper claims that they suspended Washington not because of her words but because she failed to disclose her ties to the NRA.

“Her active promotional activities and professional association with the National Rifle Association represented an unacceptable conflict of interest in her most recent column, which resulted in our suspension of her work,” Tod Robberson, the Post-Dispatch’s editorial page editor, wrote.

After Washington’s suspension Friday, she quit her job, defending her actions and words, assuring that the NRA has never paid her any sum of money to support them, at the same time professing her conservative values and her faith.

“I’m not ashamed that I’m an NRA supporter, a Bible-thumper, that I love Jesus Christ. I’m all the way out there. There’s nothing else that I can do to articulate my perspective any more clearly on where I stand.”

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