Dad REVERSES School's Bathroom Decision With This BOLD Move

June 07, 2016Jun 07, 2016

Patronage is power. Whether it's your business at Target or your child's enrollment at public school, your participation matters. In fact, the institutions depend on it. So when you withdraw your support, you are making a big impact, as this Michigan dad showed us.


Life Site News reports that Matt Stewart's 9 year old son came home and told him that a girl had been in his bathroom with him and other boys. Stewart called the school and was told they were allowing transgender students (in an elementary school, no less) to use the bathroom of their choice. Stewart had not been informed of this decision beforehand.

After talking together, the Stewarts decided to withdraw their son from the public school.  Then, after also complaining publicly, the school decided to change their decision. "At this time, we do not currently have any students using a restroom other than that designated for their biological gender, or requesting to do so," they said. "We are pausing on the federal guidance issued to all school districts across the nation...while we work to...gather feedback on this matter,” Superintendent McGregor continued.

Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer said that this strongly illustrates how parents really have more power than they think. "Parents should join hands and respond by telling their local schools that if they surrender to these demands, they will take their children out of that local school and find another alternative to educate them," he said.

Bauer encourages parents that their strong stance "will accomplish two things: reminding local school officials they work for you, and, teaching your children that fighting back against big government is as old as the American Revolution."

He continues, "The Obama Administration is bullying low income, disadvantaged students by threatening to withhold their education dollars if the school district doesn't cave into Obama's demands."

We totally agree, and we applaud the Stewarts for their boldness! How do you feel? Let us know in the Comments!