Dad in Legal Battle After Ex-Wife Tries Forcing Their Son to Switch Genders, Become a Girl

November 29, 2018Nov 29, 2018

A father in Texas is currently undergoing a terrible legal battle involving one of his children and his ex-wife. Apparently, the ex-wife is suing the father for not supporting her decision to treat their son as a transgender girl.

"James, one of Younger’s 6-year-old fraternal twin boys, is at the center of an ongoing legal battle in Texas’ 255th District Court brought on by his mother and Younger’s ex-wife, Anne Georgulas. She claims James decided himself that he’s transsexual, and alleges child abuse over the fact that Younger refuses to treat his son as 'Luna,' a female alter ego," reported Western Journal.

The liberal supporters who are backing the mother have even gone so far as to claim that the father is abusing the child by giving him a boyish haircut. They cite the fact that because he treats the boy as his son, that he is abusing the child...this is crazy!

"Walt Heyer, a former transgender, writes in the Federalist that 'Luna' only appears around the mother. Away from her, Heyer says James 'seems natural and happy being a boy,' an observation that throws a major question mark on a gender dysphoria diagnosis the child was given," according to reports.

The father is currently filing a countersuit of his own. He's trying to figure out what drugs or medications his son may be receiving. Please join us in praying for a Christian ending to this absurd situation.

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