Dad Hailed a Hero for Leaping off Balcony Last Minute, Cracking Skull to Save His Son

August 17, 2018Aug 17, 2018

A 42-year-old father from Australia is being hailed a hero for his recent quick thinking and selflessness. Brad Lewis, a father of two, risked his life in order to save his 8-year-old son, Oscar.

According to the New York Post, the incident took place a friend’s house in Sydney. Everyone was on the first-floor balcony and some were shooting Nerf gun bullets. When some of the bullets missed Oscar and flew over the balcony, the 8-year-old boy went to follow them.

At that point, Oscar reportedly lost his balance and began to fall over the balcony. Brad Lewis reached out attempting to catch the young boy.

Because of the momentum of the jump, both Brad and Oscar fell over the edge of the 13-foot-high balcony which was surrounded by pavement below. Thankfully, Brad’s background and quick thinking helped him to make a decision on how to save Oscar’s life. 

According to Breitbart, Brad had served as a deep-sea diver and an army officer. Because of that, he knew that he needed to pin the young boy to his chest and curl his body around him so that he was protected in the fall.

Upon hitting the pavement, Brad was going in and out of consciousness. He told a friend on the scene not to let his kids see him like that.

Ultimately, Brad ended up suffering a cracked skull, bruising of the brain, and a fracture on his C6 vertebrae. The 8-year-old suffered a skull fracture, concussion, and bruising as well.

Thankfully, Oscar has been released from the hospital. The situation could have been immensely worse if Brad hadn’t have protected the young boy.

Doctors anticipate around 12 months of recovery for Brad and they have transferred him to the head trauma department from the ICU.

Please be praying for the father-son duo in their recovery process. Share your prayers here! In other recent news, fans said a  sad goodbye to Aretha Franklin. Watch her final performance here.