Dad Found Dead Lying Face Down in Water, Mysterious Note in Pocket

April 16, 2018Apr 16, 2018

A mysterious finding has just made headlines around the globe. A man from London was recently found dead, lying face down in water, in a fishing pond in the Philippines.

The man, Gerry Higgins, had lived in the area for about a decade. However, investigators are trying to determine how he died. Especially after the mysterious note they found in his pocket after they recovered his body.

"The expat had been out with friends the night before - calling his wife, Rosa, before heading home. But shocked passersby noticed his lifeless body in the shallow water next to the banks of the fishing pond in the Binmaley district of the region. Bizarrely, a hand-written note with the words 'unlucky thief' was found in his pockets," reported the Mirror.

Police are now suspecting foul play! Please join us in sending our prayers to his family!

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