Dad Confirms that Body Found in Costa Rica is Daughter Who Sent Chilling Final Text Message

December 06, 2018Dec 06, 2018

A tragic conclusion is being revealed after a body was found in Costa Rica. Now, the father of the missing woman is confirming that the body is that of his daughter, and that she sent a chilling final text message before her death.

"The father of missing Carla Stefaniak has confirmed the body found wrapped in plastic close to where she vanished is his daughter. Carlos Caicedo broke down in tears after visiting the morgue to identify the 36-year-old, who went missing from an Airbnb apartment while on holiday in Costa Rica to celebrate her birthday," reported the Mirror.

A man has now been arrested in connection with her death. Apparently, 32-year-old Bismarck Espinosa Martinez, was staying next door to the apartment that Carla had been renting while on vacation in Costa Rica.

"It comes as police confirmed Carla had suffered stab wounds around the neck and a blow to the head," reported the Mirror.

Carla had been in the country to celebrate her birthday. She was vacationing with family members in the days prior to her disappearance. When she was scheduled to fly home to Florida on November 27th, she never made her flight.

"In a final text message at around 8pm, she told a friend the power was going out, adding 'it's pretty sketchy here' before all communication stopped. Family and friends texted Carla for her birthday on November 28, but received no response. She had also not been online raising even more concerns from her family," according to reports.

Investigators are still working to piece together exactly what happened and why Carla was murdered. Join us in praying for her family during this sad time. We ask that God's peace and grace will surround and comfort them as they mourn Carla's death.

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