Dad, Brother of Manchester Bomber Just Arrested as Startling Details Emerge

May 24, 2017May 24, 2017

Ramadan and Hashem Abedi, father and brother of the Manchester Arena suicide bomber, have just been arrested.

According to Reuters, they were arrested in Libya.

That brings the number of people arrested and detained in connection to Monday’s horrific terror attack to six. Police said Wednesday that they believed 22-year-old suicide bomber Salman Abedi was not working alone when he targeted children and their families at a concert for American pop singer Ariana Grande, according to the UK’s The Independent.

Hashem was arrested on suspicion of ties to ISIS. Fox News is reporting that Ramadan used to be part of Al Qaeda-backed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, according to a former Libyan security officials.

In fact, the neighborhood Salman grew up is a known home to former members of that group.

Salman himself was being watched by British authorities and had just come back from three weeks in Libya a few days before strapping a bomb to himself and killing 22 people in Manchester.

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