Customers Calling for Boycott of McDonald’s After They Run Out of Hot New Item

October 09, 2017Oct 09, 2017

On Saturday, October 7, McDonald’s promised its hungry fans that they would bring back, for one day only, their much-prized Szechuan sauce, to satisfy taste buds far and wide. Fans lined up in droves to get it.

That’s when the problem started. And it only got Mc-Bigger.

Apparently, even at the restaurant chain’s participating locations, there were far fewer Szechuan packets to hand out—20 or so. Not enough for the turnout which, in some cases, had become a crowd.

McDonald’s simply wasn’t prepared. Some criticized the restaurant that what had happened was some kind of cruel publicity stunt gone awry. Who would have perceived that after the Cartoon Network ran an episode of “Rick and Morty,” which had inspired McDonald’s to bring the sauce back for a day, that so many Americans would be starving for it. They took to Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction.

According to Fox News, reports came in that at some participating locations there weren’t any Szechuan packets at all. Fans were outraged, having waited in line for hours. They left angry and traumatized and many threatened to boycott the restaurant forever.

At one restaurant, the fans became a mob, chanting, “We want sauce! We want sauce!” McDonald’s quickly offered an apology via Twitter, and then lengthened their apology in a Facebook post.

What do you think of this? Are you ready to boycott McDonald’s, or are you eager to wait until the restaurant brings back Szechuan sauce in full-force this winter? Try asking your tastebuds.

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