Cruz Vs. Trump — Who is Right Now?

March 28, 2016Mar 28, 2016

Only a few months ago, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump were on the best of terms. Donald had nothing negative to say about Ted, and Ted referred to "my friend Donald" and invited Donald to join him in a Washington DC rally.

Now, all that has changed. As the Republican field has narrowed, Trump is now in the lead and only one person could stop him before the convention — and that is Ted Cruz.


As a result, the attacks are starting to fly. Last week, Donald took exception to an ad published by a SuperPAC supporting Ted Cruz which published a photo of his wife Melania before they were married. He fired an attack at Ted's wife; Ted quite properly defended his wife and said the photos of Donald's wife were not done by his campaign and he had nothing to do with it.

Donald then retweeted an insulting post about Ted's wife and threatened to attack her more. At this point most people would probably have said to Trump to just apologize and move on, assuming Ted's saying he had nothing to do with the photos of Trump's wife was correct.

Now the shoe appears to be on the other foot. One of Trump's ex-employees, Roger Stone, appears to have contributed to rumors picked up by a national magazine of alleged affairs by Ted Cruz. Ted has hotly denied these and pointed out, quite correctly, that the national magazine is published by a supporter of Trump and it is Trump's ex-employee who is stoking the flames. Trump denied he had anything to do with the article.

Let's hope, as American citizens, that these types of attacks go away and people can concentrate on the candidates and the critical issues facing America. Let's pray for America!