Cruz Tells Voters To ‘Vote Your Conscience’, Palin Responds With SCATHING Statement

July 21, 2016Jul 21, 2016

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been a loyal and vocal Donald Trump supporter since the early days of his campaign for president. So when Ted Cruz didn’t offer an endorsement of Cruz during his speech at the Republican convention on Wednesday night, she took it personally. So personally in fact that she issued this scathing statement to Breitbart:

“Turns out Ted Cruz’s partner, Carly Fiorina, had a more graceful exit from the political stage than he had.

Cruz’s broken pledge to support the will of the people tonight was one of those career-ending “read my lips” moments. I guarantee American voters took notice and felt more unsettling confirmation as to why we don’t much like typical politicians because they campaign one way, but act out another way. That kind of political status quo has got to go because it got us into the mess we’re in with America’s bankrupt budgets and ramped up security threats.

It’s commonplace for politicians to disbelieve their word is their bond, as evidenced by Cruz breaking his promise to endorse his party’s nominee, evidently thinking whilst on the convention stage, ‘At this point, what difference does it make?’ We’ve been burned so horribly by that attitude that voters won’t reward politicians pulling that ‘what difference does it make’ stunt again. Politicians will see, it makes all the difference in the world to us.”

Do you agree with Palin?