Cruz Points Out One MASSIVE Thing That People Forget About ‘New York Values’

April 10, 2016Apr 10, 2016

Ted Cruz has been attacked relentlessly by fellow his fellow Republican candidates as well as the Democratic contenders over his statements regarding “New York Values.” 

Donald Trump and John Kasich have seized the opportunity to heap vitriol on Cruz now that the New York primary is next on the list.  Because Cruz is a threat in the polls, his opponents are actively trying to create an “outrage” by portraying Cruz as misrepresenting all New Yorkers. According to Newsmax, Cruz believes that New Yorkers are smart enough not to fall for the twisting of his words.

Everyone in New York and outside of New York knows exactly what I meant by that,” Cruz said on CNN. “It is the liberal values of Democratic politicians who have been hammering the people of New York for decades.”

Cruz then set out to remind him just what “New York values” are according to the governor of the state.  “Andrew Cuomo told New Yorkers that if you’re pro-life, if you believe in traditional marriage, if you believe in the second amendment, there is no place for you in the State of New York,” Cruz said.