Cruz Lands 3rd In New York, But In One District, He Got 4th

April 20, 2016Apr 20, 2016

In the wake of a tough defeat in New York last night, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz received only 14.5% of the votes, compared to Donald Trump's 60.5% and John Kasich's 25.1%, putting him in third place in the state overall.

But according to The Hill, in Westchester County's 16th Congressional District, Cruz landed in fourth. Who did he lose to?

Ben Carson.

The former GOP candidate and vocal Trump supporter beat the Texas senator by 296 votes despite having dropped out a month and a half ago. Why was Carson's name still on the ballot? According to CBS New York, he didn't get his paperwork in on time to have his name removed. However, he did file in time to have his votes counted as void, so the 2,056 votes he received in that district along with the votes he received in others didn't count for anything from an official standpoint.