Cruz Has Something To Say Loud And Clear About Homeschooling, School Choice

October 28, 2015Oct 28, 2015

Cruz Has Something To Say Loud And Clear About Homeschooling, School Choice

According to The Blaze, Cruz called school choice “the civil rights issue of the 21st century.” According to CNN, it's an argument he's made before during a Senate hearing last December and again in May 2014, according to The Hill, during the 60th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling, showing his consistency and passion on the issue.


On Beck's show, he explained that Democrats are in the pocket of teachers unions, so they will always be in opposition to school choice, even though it gives equal access to “every child in America, regardless of race or ethnicity, wealth or zip code." School choice he said, allows the poor into the same schools as the middle class and rich.

But he took a shot at his own party for not advocating for same access that he is.

“We’ve never seen a Republican presidential candidate that will go into African-American neighborhoods and Hispanic neighborhoods and say, ‘Your children deserve access to an excellent education.’”

During the course of the show, the Texas senator also highlighted himself as one of the top advocates for home education.

He said, “I am a passionate supporter of homeschooling. In fact, many of the people who helped elect me to the Senate and who are among our most passionate supporters in the presidential race are homeschoolers.”

Do you share Cruz' passion for school choice and for homeschooling?