Family of Toddler Who Fell 11 Stories on Cruise Speaks Out on Her Death: Royal Caribbean ‘Completely at Fault’

July 09, 2019Jul 09, 2019

New updates have been released in the tragedy of an 18-month-old girl falling 11 stories on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The young child, who has been identified as the daughter of a police officer, is named Chloe Wiegand.

Previously, reports stated that the Indiana toddler slipped from her grandfather’s arms before falling 150 feet to her death. However, family members have spoken out about their baby girl — and are placing the blame on Royal Caribbean.

The family clarified that her grandpa placed her on the railing of a window thinking it was closed. Little Chloe reportedly loved looking out windows. 

As she went to bang on the glass, she fell off of the ship and landed on concrete because the window was actually open (pictured below), reported TODAY. It appears as it was the only window that was not closed in that designated area.

"Why in the world would you leave a window open in an entire glass wall full of windows in a kid's area?” the family’s attorney said. “I mean, why would you have that kind of a hidden danger without any warning, without any sign, without any notice?"

"I do think there is going to be blame and significant blame on the cruise line, and I will do everything I can to hold them accountable, for what appears to me to be negligence," he added insisting that Royal Caribbean is “completely at fault.”

The cruise line did release a statement immediately after Chloe’s death went public. The company offered their condolences but mentioned nothing about negligence on their part. Their statement also assured that they would not “comment any further” on the incident.

An investigation has been launched. This story is developing and will be updated as more information becomes available. Stay tuned and please keep Chloe’s loved ones in your prayers during this hard time.

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