Magician Feared Dead After Trying to Recreate Houdini Stunt, Please Send Your Prayers

June 17, 2019Jun 17, 2019

Magic is an incredible art form. Magicians have dazzled and entertained us for hundreds of years.

One of the most famous magicians of all time was Harry Houdini. His tricks were incredible and he often defied death to stun his audience. One of his most famous tricks involved being submerged in shackles only to appear out of the water totally fine.

A magician from India recently attempted the same stunt. However, things went terribly wrong! Now, he is feared to have died.

"A stuntman in India attempting to recreate a trick by magic legend Harry Houdini has been declared missing and is feared dead, a day after he reportedly jumped shackled into a river. Chanchal Lahiri, who is also known by the stage name Wizard Mandrake, reportedly jumped into the Hooghly River on Sunday while tied up with rope and steel chains," according to Fox.

A reported allegedly asked the man why he wants to risk his life for the sake of entertain the crowd. His response is now going viral.

“If I can free myself it will be magic, if I cannot, it will be tragic," he said.

“We have searched the area extensively but neither Sarkar nor his body could be found,” a police officer told the Hindustan Times on Sunday, adding the stuntman could not be declared dead until a body was found.

Some believe this may all be part of the trick. Many hopefully supporters are waiting anxiously and expecting him to still turn up somehow. Please pray for his family in the meantime since it appears he has perished doing what he loved.

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