Critics Attack After Famous German Heiress Makes Horrible Comments About Nazi Rule

May 16, 2019May 16, 2019

Major backlash has just come in for the heiress to a German cookie business. Verena Bahlsen, the daughter of the famous Bahlsen company, is under fire for her comments relating to the persecution of Jews during World War II.

She was criticized for her comments on forced labor during the war.

"Verena Bahlsen, daughter of the owner of the Hanover-based Bahlsen company, told a German newspaper that her family's company 'did nothing wrong' during World War II, when it employed 200 forced laborers - most of them women from Nazi-occupied Ukraine," reported Fox.

She is one of four children in the family-owned business. She also defended how much they paid the forced workers.

“This was before my time and we paid the forced laborers exactly as much as German workers and we treated them well,” Bahlsen told Bild.

Customers, including German politicians, lashed out at the young woman. She is 25-years-old.

“If you inherit such a large estate you also inherit responsibility and should not come across as aloof,” Lars Klingbeil, secretary general of the center-left Social Democrats, told Bild.

"Not only is there a great knowledge gap for family members of the #Bahlsen family. The topic Nazi forced labor is often still a blind spot in the collective memory," the Nazi Forced Labour Documentation Centre wrote on Twitter.

The company has annual sales that exceed $560 million. They released a statement on the incident and said they are aware of the moral responsibility that comes with being one of the dozens of German companies that used forced labor during the Nazi dictatorship.

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