Creeper With Mirror Arrested In NJ Target

May 19, 2016May 19, 2016

As with any store, there is always a chance that a creeper can be lurking nearby looking for an opportunity to prey on women and young girls. That's the reality of a sinful society. And that's why conservatives and other common sense individuals demand vigilance when it comes to who is and who is not allowed into women's restrooms and fitting rooms at stores like Target.

The reality is, there are perverts who troll through Target too, like Jeffrey Polizzi who was chased out of a Florida Target by a female shopper after he started asking her inappropriate questions as she shopped in the women's swimsuit section — something he's done in other stores.

This week it happened again with another serial creeper in Target.


According to the Asbury Park Press, police arrested a man who was using a mirror placed on the floor to inappropriately look at women browsing a clothing rack in a New Jersey Target. Police identified registered sex offender Julius G. Reynolds from similar past incidents involving a mirror and camera.

While neither of these incidents involved Target bathrooms and fitting rooms, they do illustrate the danger that has always existed in stores and why many people are concerned that these types of perverts can simply "self-identify" as men to enter women's bathrooms and fitting rooms at Target for easy access to their victims without being questioned by employees or monitored by store cameras.