Creator of Mega-Popular Music Movement Dies at 70 Following a Stroke

April 30, 2018Apr 30, 2018

On Saturday, a major influencer in the music world passed away. Larry Harvey, the founder of Burning Man festival, died at the age of 70.

Harvey had suffered a stroke on April 4 and never made a full recovery. Sadly, a few weeks later, he passed away. Event CEO Marian Goodell confirmed the news in a written statement.

Goodell said, “Burning Man culture has lost a great leader and an inspiring mind. He adeptly interpreted the manifestation of what became a movement. I have lost a dear friend who I’ve known, loved, and worked beside for nearly 22 years.”

The Burning Man event was founded in San Fransisco in 1986. Larry Harvey reportedly came up with the idea and called his friend, Jerry James, to help. The original event was a low-key bonfire that consisted of what the NY Times described as “burning a scrap-lumber statue of an eight-foot-tall man.” That original bonfire drew a small crowd, but the popularity grew and was unstoppable from that point on.

Now, the festival is an annual weeklong event that is held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Last year, a crowd of 70,000 attended the event, with many bringing along some sort of contribution or “gifting” including artwork, music, etc.

The festival is now run by the Burning Man Project, which is a nonprofit organization operating on an annual budget of $30 million. Harvey remained the board president and chief philosophic officer up until the time of his death.

Goodell said, “As he told one of us recently, Larry liked to create ‘scenes’ that made people consider the world in a new way. He was extraordinarily successful at doing just that.”

Now, the creator of a major music festival that many consider a “movement,” has passed away. Please be praying for his family during this difficult time. In other recent news, an actress and former "Most Beautiful Girl in the World" passed away suddenly at 52. Please pray for her family as well.

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