Crazy Kangaroo Fight Caught on Video

October 18, 2017Oct 18, 2017

A police helicopter in Australia captured a ridiculous fight via their infrared cameras. The video shows a pair of kangaroos duking it out, reported Fox News.

The video, which was captured in the middle of the night, was released on Tuesday. The undated video was captured in the middle of the night.

In the video, one of the kangaroos jumps and kicks another. A third kangaroo can be seen in the background observing the fight before running away.

Throughout the video, the kangaroos alternately go at each other and wait for the other to attack. At one point, they go down to the ground to observe each other before jumping and kicking again.

In the video, you can see the kangaroos standing on their tails in order to kick each other. They are known for standing on their tail, which scientists sometimes call a third leg.

“We didn’t know the kangaroos were using the tail as a third leg. Without that, the tail wouldn’t need to be so strong, although it would need to be pretty heavy because it is a large animal moving at speed,” scientist Terry Dawson told the Guardian Australia. “The males also use it for fighting, sometimes balancing on it completely in order to kick another kangaroo.”

The animals are also known for their powerful hind legs, and their height of over 6 feet tall. Both of these features are seen in the video.

According to the National Geographic, kangaroos live in small groups called troops or herds. Those typically include at least 50 animals.

"If threatened, kangaroos pound the ground with their strong feet in warning. Fighting kangaroos kick opponents and sometimes bite," according to National Geographic.

It’s not clear what started this brutal fight between two kangaroos, but National Geographic says "males will often fight each other over access to females.” Maybe the third kangaroo that ran away was a female.

Which Kangaroo do you think won? Let us know in the comments. In other news, the security guard who was shot in the October 1 Las Vegas shooting just spoke out for the first time. 

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