Crazed Man Storms Altar at Mass, Stabs Priest Several Times

March 22, 2019Mar 22, 2019

A terrifying incident is going viral today after being caught on film. A priest was attacked while saying mass in Canada.

The incident was live streamed since the mass was being broadcasted to viewers on various online platforms. At one point during the mass, a man approaches the altar and walks up to confront the priest.

"Rev. Claude Grou, the rector at St. Joseph's Oratory, had just finished a reading around 8:40 am when a man rushed towards him with a knife and stabbed him in his upper body. The attack at the landmark church was captured on a live stream and television, as the mass was being broadcast to the Catholic channel Salt + Light," reported Fox.

The priest clearly knows something is not right. He tries to evade the man before tripping and falling. The man then lunges at the priest and stabs him in the chest.

The moment it happened can be seen in the video below. Viewer discretion is advised:

Parishioners immediately spring into action. Local officials arrived and took the man into custody. At this time, the motive for the attack has not been released.

The priest was transported to a local hospital. Thankfully, he is expected to survive.

"Grou suffered only superficial wounds and is expected to make a full recovery. The diocese of Montreal tweeted that he was in stable condition, and that 'all of our prayers are with him.' Montreal's mayor, Valerie Plante, condemned the act of violence," according to reports.

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