Craig Has Changed Since Dating Paige

A friend’s perspective! Southern CharmStar Leva BonaparteThinks her friend Craig Conover isn’t quite the same person he was before he started dating Paige DeSorbo.

“Absolutely,” the Bravo personality, 43, exclusively told Us WeeklyTuesday, September 27, 2012: When asked if the 33-year-old founder of Sewing Down South has changed in any way during their romance, she replied that she did. Summer House star, 29. “I think he’s changed. His fashion’s a lot better!”

Craig Conover, Leva Bonneparte, and Paige DeSorbo.
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The restaurateur added that Craig “likes to please the person that he’s dating, and he likes to keep that person happy.”

The “Giggly Squad” podcast host and the Pillow TalkAfter months of speculation, author confirmed their romance in September 2021. “We did get a little drunk at the wedding and threw a Story up there from the photo booth,” Paige told UsOne month later. “[But] I’m just waiting [for]The right scene to capture your perfect snap [an official] pic.”

Craig dated his father before. Southern CharmCostar Naomie OlindoThe duo ended their three-year relationship in 2017 after less that three years. Leva, for her part, is still super close with the L’Abeye founder, 30, which has led to some awkward moments on the Bravo series. In an exclusive clip from the Thursday, September 29, season finale, Leva questioned Craig’s decision to seat Naomie at a different table during a Christmas party.

After Naomie explained the situation to Leva, the Bourbon N’ Bubbles owner couldn’t hide her annoyance. “I don’t even know why I’m friends with some people,” Leva said during the clip, seemingly referring to Craig and his pals. “So f—king toxic.”

Leva suggested to Us that she thinks some of Craig’s decisions are influenced by his desire to minimize potential conflict with Paige.

“I do think that she is looking out for Craig, but she doesn’t always have the context, you know what I mean?” the businesswoman explained on Tuesday. “And I do think that he tries to keep her happy, but Craig doesn’t wanna hurt feelings. So, he doesn’t always say, like, ‘Hey, it makes Paige unhappy if I go to lunch with you, Naomie.’ That’s all you have to say, Craig.”

Overall, Leva wasn’t happy with the way Craig treated Naomie throughout season 8. “I think Craig is not the best at communicating when it’s his own feelings,” the Republic DMG owner told Use. “He can be a great mediator and he’s great at advice, but when it comes down to him, it’s like he couldn’t just say, ‘This is how I feel, these are my boundaries.’ And instead it would come out [as him] screaming at Naomie, and poor Naomie doesn’t deserve that.”

According to Leva the tension reached a breaking point during the finale. “There was a lot of stuff happening, and unfortunately when you’re really that close, a lot of it can even happen off-camera,” she told Use. “[With the] finale, you’ll start to see, like, the culmination of some things.”

Season 8 of The Amazing Race. Southern CharmBravo will air the show on Thursday, September 29 at 9 PM. ET.

Christina Garibaldi reports