Choking US Senator Saved by Heimlich Maneuver From Fellow Politician

June 25, 2018Jun 25, 2018

A sitting U.S. Senator has a scary experience recently! Senator Claire McCaskill is lucky to be alive!

She was reportedly out to eat when she began to choke! Luckily, one of her fellow Senate colleagues was there to save the day! Senator Joe Manchin performed the Heimlich maneuver on McCaskill!

"Sen. Joe Manchin accidentally cracked fellow Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s rib while performing the Heimlich maneuver at a caucus luncheon, the Missouri senator revealed over the weekend – as she kept up her campaign schedule despite the colleague-inflicted injury," reported Fox News.

Although she was injured, McCaskill is very thankful to be alive! She is said to be recovering well and said her injury is not a very big deal.

“I’m really grateful to Joe – a little bit of a sore rib for a couple of weeks is no big deal,” McCaskill told the Post in a statement.

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