Courteney Cox’s Allegedly ‘Shocking New Look’ Has Friends Begging Her To Stop Getting Plastic Surgery, Unverified Rumor Claims

Are you Courteney Cox‘s friends urging her to cut back on cosmetic surgery? One tabloid claims that Friends star’s recent appearance is raising concerns. Here’s what we know about Cox’s “shocking” new look.

Courteney Cox ‘Turning Heads’ For ‘All The Wrong Reasons’?

This week OK! reports Courteney Cox’s friends are worried she’s finally gone too far with the cosmetic surgeries. The Scream star recently posted a time-lapse video of her glam team helping her get camera-ready, but fans were stunned by her “before” look. “What exactly did your plastic surgeon do to your face because you don’t even look the same,” one user commented.

But fans aren’t the only ones who’ve noted the change. Apparently, the star’s artificial looks drew concern on the set of the Friends HBO reunion special. “It was shocking seeing how stretched and plastic she looked,” an insider dishes. “There was no real expression on her face, and her cheeks were plumped up.” But another source has pinpointed why Cox is so intent on keeping her looks in check.

She promotes the highly anticipated, but she is also a marketer. Scream 5She has a new miniseries, called Shining Vale hitting Starz in March. But on top of her career, the tabloid claims she’s working overtime to keep her looks fresh for video calls with her long-distance boyfriend Johnny McDaid.

“It’s like she’s become obsessed with her appearance and it’s gotten worse over the pandemic,” a “friend” of Cox’s confides. “There’s a lot of competition in Hollywood, plus Johnny is much younger than she is, and that’s only fed her insecurities.”

Courteney Cox New Look Is A ‘Cry For Help’?

This report is flawed on many fronts. Let’s take a closer look at some of the magazine’s claims. It first criticizes a recent Instagram post by Cox. While the screencap the tabloid uses is unflattering, it’s clear they paused the video at the worst possible moment. Cox looks perfectly fine if you view the whole clip.

But that’s not to say Cox hasn’t had work done. She admitted that she had used excessive cosmetic treatments in the past, as she said in 2019. “I would say it’s a common thing you go through as you age, especially in Hollywood,” Cox said. “You have to accept getting older, and that’s something that I had a hard time doing.”

She went on to say she tried to “keep up with time in a way that was anything other than maintenance,” adding, “I didn’t realize it until one day I kind of stepped back and went, ‘Oh s—. I don’t look like myself.’”

She’s since had her fillers dissolved and has sworn off any more plastic surgery. And from what we can tell, she hasn’t gone under the knife (or needle) since. While the change in Cox’s looks over a decade is surely noticeable, she doesn’t look drastically different than she did a year ago, so it’s unclear why the magazine is raising alarms now.

What’s Going On With Courteney Cox And Johnny McDaid?

But it became abundantly clear that this publication didn’t do its research when it brought up Cox’s relationship with Johnny McDaid. The pair were forced to live long-distance for several weeks during the COVID pandemic. they’ve been reunited for some time now. They certainly didn’t look like a long-distance couple on their date night in Malibu just last monthOr in the many photos of them together on her Instagram.

This was just a lazy attempt to shame Cox for her appearance, and we’re not here for it.

More Bogus Stories from the Tabloid

This isn’t the first time we’ve caught OK! In a lie about Courtney Cox. Around this time last year, the tabloid claimed Cox and McDaid were “taking a break.” Then the magazine reported Cox wanted to have a baby with McDaid. Since neither of these reports turned out to be true, it’s hard to take its latest tale about Cox seriously at all.