Court Makes Nazi-Like Ruling On Disabled People

June 13, 2017Jun 13, 2017


Parents of a disabled child were just told they could sue the doctor for not telling them their child would have Cerebral Palsy. "Divorced couple Jeremy and Pamela Plowman say they would have aborted their son in the womb had they known his 22-week ultrasound showed his head was slightly small — and therefore had a slim chance of having cerebral palsy," shares Life Site News

They are suing for "medical negligence" and asking for money for the costs of caring for their now 5 year old son, who has yet to walk or talk. They say the doctor should have warned them that the fact that their son's small head on the ultrasound greatened the likelihood he would have disabilities. 

But what they are really saying about their son is: "We wish you weren't born." And what the Iowa Supreme Court has ruled is that they have the right to sue the doctor if they don't like how their child was born.


And what that is essentially saying is that disabled people do not have value and can be terminated. How far removed from Hitler's order to rid the society of "physically undesirable" people is this new ruling? 

Not far at all say many. 

“In my view, the court’s ruling leads to a slippery slope,” Judge Edward Mansfield warned, the only dissenting voice. “Today’s decision is limited to a ‘severely disabled child.’ But the court does not define the term. What if testing indicates the child will be born blind or without a hand? Is that enough? The court’s decision also opens up the possibility for other claims.”  Mansfield also warned that the ruling would increase abortions. 

This ruling underscores America's worship of comfort and convenience over the value of human life. What they parents were essentially saying is: "This child is too hard for us. He doesn't have value and we wish we never had him." What a terrible thing for a child to have said about them!

What do you think about this ruling in Iowa? Do you think it will be something that will eventually go to the United States Supreme Court? Share your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!