Couple Survives California Inferno After Genius Last Minute Idea to Save Their Lives

October 12, 2017Oct 12, 2017

A man and his wife are alive and safe after surviving a treacherous experience in the hills of California. Jan Pascoe and her husband, John, nearly perished in the flames.

As the fire raged closer to their homes, they tried to evacuate. After driving to the end of their street, they realized a wall of flames had surrounded them and there was no way out.

The couple returned to their home and called for emergency support. However, the flames were too great and there was no way to save them. It was at that moment when the couple had a genius idea that ultimately saved their lives: their neighbor's pool.

“They submerged themselves in the blackened, debris-filled water. They had grabbed T-shirts to hold over their faces to protect themselves from embers when they surfaced for air,” according to the LA Times.

The couple held onto each other for warmth. They stayed in the pool for hours as they waited for the fire to burn everything around them.

“They moved to the part of the pool farthest from the house. John was worried about having to tread water, or hanging onto the side, which could be dangerous with all the burning objects flying around. Blessedly, the pool had no deep end. It was about 4 feet deep all the way across,” reported the LA Times.

The experience is an amazing one. Sadly, the Pascoe’s lost everything in the fire but scared with their lives.

Please join us in praying for all of those who have lost homes and lives during the inferno that is raging in California. We ask for God’s healing grace in their lives at this time. Read our latest article about the famous entertainer who just died in Las Vegas at only 45.

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