Couple Spends 10K to Remind People of God's Blessings in Their Life at Christmas

December 08, 2017Dec 08, 2017

An anonymous couple from South Portland is spreading Christmas cheer. Last Friday, they walked into a Toys "R" Us to pay it forward.

Lucky customers who came up to pick their presents after the couple left found a welcome surprise. The toys had already been paid off.

The store supervisor Jennifer Collins told ABC News she was unsure what was happening initially when the couple approached her. She says they asked to speak to her in private. discuss when they approached her about a unique idea.

"I was wondering what they wanted to discuss and they let me know they heard another story about a gentleman paying off layaways, which inspired them to do the same and be a blessing for more people," Collins explained.

The husband and wife worked with Collins to decide how much to put up. They tallied up how much layaway inventory there was, and Collins said they decided to pay $10,000 of the total amount.

"They hoped to get the public to raise another $15,000 and offered to take care of the remainder after that too," Collins said.

Collins said she was lucky enough to see a few of the shocked and excited recipients.

"About 20 or so people have already come in to pick them up, some got emails and others found out on the spot. We've had people cry of happiness right here in the store," Collins said. "One woman I helped check out was in tears and was with her sister who also had toys on hold. They both had no idea before I told them what was going on and were so happy."

Collins said the couple told her that "Their main thing is they believe they've been blessed by God in their life, and they want other people to be blessed."

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