Couple Sets Incredible Goal Before Wedding: Lose 600 Pounds Together

May 12, 2017May 12, 2017

Ronnie Brower and Andrea Mesella of Central New York met in the place where they were both furiously battling their personal weight loss challenges: the gym.

With Ronnie weighing in at 675 pounds and Andrea at 250 pounds, they found it easier to stay true to their fitness regimen by keeping each other accountable. And that’s when they fell in love, according to WSYR.

“A couple that trains together, stays together,” they later said.

Masella expressed that, “I often thought before I met Ronnie like, ‘What am I going to do? I hope I meet someone that lives healthy, too, because I don't know — I could just go backwards.’”

For Ronnie, “My doctor basically told me, ‘Ronnie if you don't do something, you are going to die before you are 30.’”

Their mutual drive to live more healthily and reach a goal led them to losing 600 pounds together before their wedding. They’re getting married on Saturday.

In all, Andrea lost 120 pounds, bringing her weight down to around 130. Ronnie lost 458, shrinking his body to about 217 pounds.

They were featured Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” See how they look now:

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