Couple Bawls as Wife Reveals How She Will Save Her Husband’s Life

July 10, 2017Jul 10, 2017

Steve Winfree and his wife, Heather Winfree, were sitting on the porch. Heather casually surprised her husband with a set of baseball cards, him clearly being a major fan of the sport.

The video shows Steve going through the deck of baseball cards, naming off different players. Suddenly, he paused for a moment when he saw a picture of himself appear on one of the baseball cards. He chuckles and says, “What the heck?”

His wife says to him, “Who’s that? What does it say on the back? Read it.” Steve reads the back of the card out loud, “Steve’s had a lot on his plate. With his health issues, he’s been striking out a lot. He was not sure how he’s going to wind up. His wife Heather thinks he’s a great catch, so she’s decided to go bat for him. Now Steve will be a rookie recipient at Vanderbilt Transplant Center…”

Before he could finish reading the card, him and his wife began bawling with tears of joy together. Steve later posted a picture of the front and back of the special card.

The wife recorded the big moment on video, which quickly went viral. The story was also picked up by various news outlets.

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