Couple who weighed nearly 1,000 lbs combined while on weight loss journey are now half their size

Cassidy Pfaff has made significant progress in her weight loss journey, as has Zach Haberman. Over the years, they have tried to lose weight—both individually and together—but their routines always fail.

Their lives changed dramatically when Zach was injured in an accident in July 2020.

It all started when they went to an elderly couple’s house to pick up an air conditioning unit they purchased through Facebook Marketplace. All was going according to plan, but Zach fell down the staircase as he carried the appliance to their car.


He was rushed to the hospital, but he couldn’t receive the care he needed.

“They were trying to get x-rays and MRIs and stuff but their equipment wouldn’t work on me because of my weight and size and the thickness of the fat on my body,” Zach told Good Morning America.

“So they were calling different zoos in the area to try and see if they could get me in and there was still nothing available.”

Zach with his dog

It was then that Zach and Cassidy’s determination to lose weight came back. They knew that they needed to find a healthy and sustainable way of reaching their goals to stay on track with their routines.

“Being overweight basically ran in my family. All sorts of metabolically related disorders run in my family like diabetes and, so, I had always been overweight as a child,” Cassidy said.

Cassidy Pfaff holding up fish she caught

The pair started their weight loss journey over by making their own meals. This was a change for Zach, who initially believed that he could rely more on his athleticism than the nutritional aspect of the weight loss process.

“I thought that it would be like a 60% exercise thing, 40% diet,” he said. “I think it’s probably more like 80% what you eat and how you eat it and 20% exercise.”

After Zach and Cassidy discovered a way to eat better and were committed to exercising more often, they began to see the results that they had been waiting for.

“The biggest thing for us was the sustainability piece,” Cassidy said. “We’ve done everything in a way where we chose to change our lifestyle and … to heal our broken relationships from food when we were kids and adults.”

Zach Haberman and Cassidy Pfaff

At the beginning of their fitness journeys Zach weighed 682.6 lbs and Cassidy weighed 317.3. This combined weight made them a total of 999.99 lbs. After a year and a quarter, they lost over 500 lbs together.

The couple shared their weight loss journey via social media. They received tremendous support from their family and friends. But Zach and Cassidy found their most important support in each other.

“I’m so proud of you. I just hope you understand how much you’ve changed, how much work you’ve done for yourself and for our family, and for our future, and for what we’re going to have. None of it would have been possible if you hadn’t put this effort in,” Cassidy told Zach.

Zach Haberman and Cassidy Pfaff with their dog

“Everybody can celebrate the highs,” Zach added. “Everybody can get excited about the viral TikTok video that Zach posted, but having Cassidy along for the lows was what was so vital to me. I can confidently say that I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for her.”

Zach and Cassidy’s relationship has been further strengthened through their parallel weight loss journey. Now, the couple is set to wed on October 8, 2022.

According to their Instagram bios, Zach is down 412 lbs, while Cassidy is 100 pounds down and is “striving toward health every day.”

Check out this incredible couple’s story in the video below and follow their fitness journey on their Instagram pages : Cassidy and Zach.

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