Couple adopts seven siblings who have been separated in different foster homes for two years

They say it takes a village to raise a child—but what if you’re suddenly raising seven?

Although it may seem daunting, Chris Milam and Jessica Milam, both from Denton County Texas, have taken on the task of adopting seven Filipino siblings who were living apart for more then two years.

The siblings, who ranged in age from five to twelve years old, were separated into three foster care homes.


After a long eight-month adoption process Chris and Jessica are finally able to go home with their children.

“From the moment I read their profiles, I said, ‘Oh, these are the kids for us.’ They loved animals, they loved to craft, they loved plants,” Jessica told Fox 4 News.

“We had an empty house we just moved into,” she added. “We built a house to fill with kids, so we knew we had the space. We’re self-employed, so it makes it a little bit easier to take care of seven kids of various ages.”

The seven Filipino siblings in the courthouse for their adoption hearing

The ceremony was held on June 8, and the judge made it official.

“I’m going to find that it is in the best interest of these children that the adoption take place,” the judge said. “I will grant the adoption, grant the name change, and seal the record. Congratulations.”

The kids have waited so long for this moment—to be together again and have parents who will love them unconditionally.

Chris and Jessica Milam

“All of them were like, ‘Can we just come home with you today, can we just come today?” Jessica said. “They were trying to negotiate coming sooner. So, they were just so excited to really be together, but also to have parents that were just going to be their parents forever.”

“They were arguing about when they will be able to come,” Chris added.

the seven siblings

Chris and Jessica initially planned to adopt, but they never dreamed that they would become parents to seven children. They are happy to continue growing their family.

The siblings have not only one another, but also a few pets at home.

“We have two snakes, one dragon, four cats, and one dog,” they said.

“It means we’re going to be there forever,” one of the little girls told the outlet.

the seven siblings adopted by Jessica Milam and Chris Milam

“We’re going to have a family to take care of us until we’re adults and can take care of ourselves,” her older brother added.

It takes courage and determination to be a parent or adoptive parent. Raising children is no easy task. Yet, this couple took the initiative to welcome their adopted children into their home.

Because of Chris and Jessica’s generous hearts, these siblings are finally reunited after a years-long separation. And they now have people in their lives they can proudly call “mom” and “dad.”

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