Country Star Rushed to Surgery After Health Scare

October 23, 2017Oct 23, 2017

Over the weekend, one-third of the country trio The Band Perry had quite the health scare. Reid Perry chronicled his experience on Instagram, according to Country Rebel.  

Via social media, the Grammy Award-winning musicians shared how he ended up in the UCLA Emergency room. The series of photos documented his trip, revealing that he had to have an appendectomy.

The first photo on his Instagram story showed the 28-year old arriving at the UCLA Emergency room. The caption read, “Kind of a bad time for this to happen right now."

He left his fans in suspense for several hours later. Perry shared another photo with the words "appendectomy" and "under the knife" written across the photo. He added, “I never get sick, but when I do, they take body parts away.”

In his final photo, Perry posted a selfie of Perry:"Getting bored while going crazy” and “I keep thinking about that opening scene from TWD," were written over the picture.

According to his brother and bandmate, Neil Perry’s Instagram post, Reid appears to have been discharged from the hospital. Neil Perry shared a heartfelt post about his brother— accompanied by an image of his brother—on Instagram.

He wrote, “So thankful that my brother is feeling better today after a mild health scare. Family is the most important thing in this world. And I can’t say enough about how much I respect and look up to my big brother. He’s the strongest person I know."

Neil continued, adding how his brother is the "quintessential middle kid," and saying he’s his inspiration.

“Reid is the quintessential middle kid—never gets too down // never gets too high. he always stays in that middle ground of emotion and attitude (and that’s the best place to b). that’s how he rides out every situation life throws at him with strength and calm. and that is one of the things i try to apply to my own life looking at his.”

The Band Perry consists of siblings Kimberly, Reid, and Neil. They released their self-titled debut country album in 2010. Their hit single, "If I Die Young,” sold more than 6 million copies.

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