Country Star Letting God 'Take Charge' Amid Cancer Battle

October 18, 2018Oct 18, 2018

A country music star is currently in a fight for her life. Now, she is opening up about how she is giving all the praise and glory to God and putting her complete trust in His plan.

"Country singer Jo Dee Messina is letting God "take charge" in her ongoing battle with cancer. The 48-year-old was first diagnosed with cancer in September 2017 but she hasn't let that change her relationship with God," reported Fox News.

Messina has been relatively quiet about her cancer diagnosis. She has not told reporters what kind of cancer she has, what treatment she is pursuing, or her prognosis. However, she is definitely not shying away from the fact that she is relying on God throughout her journey.

"She said she tried to soften the blow for her children. “After being diagnosed, I was playing at a winery in Missouri and I basically said ‘FYI, this is what’s going on,'” Messina told People. “It doesn’t change the fact that God is good.”

She also opened up about how cancer has affected her ability to sing. She said there have been times when she felt so weak and she was barely able to sing. However, through it all, Messina is staying rooted in her faith.

“I’m leaning on God,” she said. “I’m letting Him take charge. It’s what’s best for my soul right now. Every biopsy and every result…it feels like an eternity goes by. I know that God has me. I’m filled with gratitude and joy.”

Please join us in praying for Jo Dee! We ask that God's healing grace touch every part of her body and strengthen her. In other recent news, information is just coming in about how Isis just captured 700 people including Europeans and Americans.

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