This Country Star Just Gave The Best Gift to an Expecting Couple

July 26, 2017Jul 26, 2017

A few weeks ago, Garth Brooks gifted a Hawaiian honeymoon to two fans who got engaged at his concert, but last Friday he got even more generous. At a Los Angeles on July 21st, the country star helped a couple, Katy and Wes, reveal the gender of their baby, and he gave the baby a life-changing gift. 

In a livestream, Garth said he saw Wes about 30 or 40 rows back holding a sign that said, "Working on a full house. Girl? Boy?" Even though the couple were so far back, Brooks couldn't help but see the neon green sign. He proceeded to call the couple up and do their gender reveal. 

Brooks clearly understands what a gift children are, and he realized the importance of the moment for the young couple, who are having their first child. Brooks, who has three daughters, told the couple to have as many children as they can. 

“The only thing better than one is 50 — as many as you can afford. It’s awesome,” he said excitedly as husband Wes walked away jokingly. “You’ll see. Once they give you that baby, you’ll go ‘I’ll take 100 more of these, man.’”

When he found out the couple didn't even know if they were going to have a boy or a girl, Brooks said in the livestream that he got a little nervous.

“You don’t know? And it’s in here?” he said, incredulously. “All of a sudden, now I’m nervous.”

Brooks also asked about names for the little boy or girl, and Wes told the singer that they're considering naming their baby “Brooks." The excited singer noted that Brooks could be used for either a boy or a girl. He opened the envelope, and holding back tears, he told the couple that they were going to have a girl. 

“I gotta tell you, I’m extremely happy for you, ‘cause I have three of these." 

He also took the opportunity to offer the couple, who were married last October, a piece of advice about raising daughters.

“Especially with young girls, Dad, you tell ‘em that they don’t need some stinkin’ boy to tell ‘em how cool they are. They’re great already.”

But then Brooks make an amazing declaration. He told the couple that, if he's still alive with their little girl goes to college, then he'll foot the tuition bill. Click below to watch the whole video. 

At the end of his livestream, Brooks also asked his fans to pray for the couple and their baby. 

"To Miss Katy and Wes, you and your baby and your family are in our prayers." 

Comment and share if you're praying for the couple too. If you want to see more of Garth Brooks and his generosity, read our story about the honeymoon he gave away.