Country Star Charlie Daniels Sparks Firestorm After Bashing Taco Bell for ‘Illuminati’ Ad

January 10, 2018Jan 10, 2018

Nationwide fast-food chains can get pretty creative with their commercials, and Taco Bell’s newest line of ads referencing the secret Illuminati are, well, pretty dang creative, too. But not everyone likes that idea of one of America’s most popular Tex-Mex eateries poking fun at what they see as a deep, legitimate threat to our society.

The two Taco Bell ads promote their new 20-item, $1 menu. In the cinematic ads, deal-seekers discover that a single dollar buys them access to the secret and mysterious “Belluminati” society where characters that look like a cross between Renaissance fair enthusiasts and the “Hunger Games” elite consume delicious-looking but incredibly inexpensive Taco Bells offerings during a secret, lavish gathering.

It’s an obvious jab at those whom the company sees as conspiracy theorists. Take a look:

It’s really over-the-top, and that’s what makes the ads funny to so many people. But not enough people. The videos posted by Taco Bell on YouTube have more dislikes than likes.

“Open your eyes people they make this seem like a joke but this stuff is real,” said one YouTube commenter.

“Never eating there again bye we are living in the END TIMES,” wrote another.

A user named DarkVoid warned the other viewers that the ads were “desensitizing at its finest.”

While belief in the powerful players of an Illuminati society pulling all the important strings in America has long been considered fringe, the suspicion that there are politicians, business leaders, military figures, and others who are wielding far too much influence over our lives is not at all uncommon on either side of the political aisle.

81-year-old country star Charlie Daniels, best known for “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” also blasted the commercials on Twitter Monday night, writing, “Hey Taco Bell. The Illuminati is not a frivolous subject.”

Some people on Twitter agreed with him.

Most did not.

What do you think of the Taco Bell ads? In other news, Rasmussen has a new Oprah vs. Trump poll out that has people jumping all over it.

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