Country Music Star Arrested for DUI, Possession of Drugs, Car Wreck

December 20, 2017Dec 20, 2017

Country music is loved by millions of people around the globe. Fans enjoy listening to old classics and also learning about the new songs to come out of the country music world as new artists produce hits.

One of the newest artists to produce some great country music songs has just found himself in hot water. Michael Ray has been arrested for DUI and drug possession, according to reports.

Ray is known for his country music, including his hit song "Think A Little Less", among others. He was arrested on Wednesday after 3 AM while frequenting a McDonald's establishment and rear-ending another vehicle.

"Cops say Michael had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, reeked of alcohol and he stumbled when he got out of the car. Cops say he told them he was coming from a bar. They conducted a series of sobriety tests, which cops say Michael bombed," according to TMZ.

So far, representatives for Ray have not commented on the arrest. At this time, Ray is still waiting for his jail processing to be concluded and to be released. It's assumed he will be in court soon to address the charges.

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