Could There Be a Big Surprise in New Hampshire?

February 05, 2016Feb 05, 2016

In the Republican primary battle in New Hampshire, Donald Trump has long held a commanding lead in the polls. The next person to him was Ted Cruz who, depending on the poll, could be 20 percentage points behind.


Now, in the wake of Trump's coming in second in Iowa, the polls appear to be tightening. A new poll just released shows that Marco Rubio, who finished a strong third in Iowa, has jumped past Ted Cruz into second place. The Boston Globe poll showed Trump still leading at 29%, but his 20% lead is now down to 10% with Marco Rubio in second place at 19%.

Is there enough time left for Rubio to catch Trump? There are now only four days until the New Hampshire primary, and Trump still has a very strong lead in the state. Ted Cruz, fresh off his victory in Iowa, is also spending considerable resources in New Hampshire and could surge ahead.

New Hampshire is also "do or die" state for some campaigns like John Kasich and Chris Christie; they may keep going after New Hampshire with a poor showing, but they are betting on finishing in at least the top 3.

So stay tuned as the nation's first primary (Iowa was technically a caucus and not a primary) gets ready to vote this coming Tuesday!