Coughing Hillary Just Can’t Keep Up In The Race With Trump

September 06, 2016Sep 06, 2016

The same biased media outlet which censored Trump’s tweet last week, removing the word “crooked” before Hillary’s name, has just published a new poll.  Released this morning, Trump is now leading with 45% of the vote with Crooked Hillary trailing at 43%. 

As the momentum builds to November, Donald Trump surges forward on seemingly every front possible.  Trump’s efforts to continue speaking out against political correctness, radical Islamic terrorism, and illegal immigration have given him an 8-point boost in the last month alone.  In analyzing the numbers, some of Trump’s success is coming from independents, where roughly 49% of all independents support Trump over Hillary.  Clinton has seen a drastic drop in numbers as revelations on her FBI testimony continue to unravel the democratic camp.

Trump has set his eyes on the finish line as he charges ahead to the polls.  He has sighted in on policy and community outreach during his rallies and the public has responded accordingly.  Trump is leading Clinton by 15 points on the economy and 6 on terrorism.  With the race to the White House in the home stretch, it appears Trump has found his stride.