Costco Starting to Serve Burgers, And They’re Copying Famous Burger Chain

July 06, 2017Jul 06, 2017

If you’re a Costco customer, it’s hard to deny it. You’ve made the rounds to all the sample servers, then finished up your lunch with cheap eats from the Costco food court.

Well, for all you Costco foodies, select food courts are testing out a new Costco burger, and it might look eerily familiar to you. According to ABC News, people who have tried the new 1/3-pound organic beef cheeseburger on a challah bun say it bears a striking resemblance to Shake Shack’s iconic burger.

Shake Shack is a popular New York City-based chain that has started spreading across the East Coast — along with a bit of the Midwest and West as well — in the past few years. Costco hasn’t denied copying them. According to Foodbeast, the Washington-based retailer is selling its burger for about $5, which is a little cheaper than Shake Shack’s.

So where can you get one? Costco is currently testing out their burger in five California locations (Corona, Folsom, Lakewood, Livermore, and Pacoima) and will allegedly add more locations next March. In the meantime, pass me a Polish dog.