The Internet is Buzzing After Shoppers Discover the Unusual Wedding Cake Costco Now Carries

February 11, 2019Feb 11, 2019

Costco customers know and love the big box store for their great deals and bulk quantities. Now, customers can look to the store to provide them with a wedding cake true Costco fans would appreciate.

The wholesale retail store is offering a wedding cake that is made up of only gourmet cheese. The "Sid Wainer & Son Cheese Lover Artisan Wedding Cake" is five-tiers, costs $439, and weighs 24 pounds.

This savory cake is made up of Red Leicester, Danish Blue, Murcia al Vino, Tuscan Sheep’s Cheese, and Brillat Savarin Triple Cream Brie. The cake is designed to serve between 105-150 wedding guests.

The cakes description on Costco's website describes the cake as being, "Comprised of gourmet cheeses sourced from around the world, the Cheese Lover Celebration Cake is a striking and delicious alternative to a classic centerpiece, cake, or cheese board. Simply decorate with flowers, ribbons, or edible garnishes tailored to your own color scheme for an unforgettable addition to your next dining event. This is also a tasty substitute to a traditional wedding cake and perfect for any formal event."

Impressively, this cake will be delivered 2-3 business days after it is ordered, which is a lot faster than traditional wedding cakes.

After social media caught wind of this unique cake, users were quick to share their excitement over the idea of an all-cheese cake. Some even saying how they wouldn't even get married without this cake. 

What do you think about this wedding cake? We would love to hear your thoughts o thing in the comments section of our Facebook page! In other recent news, the Duggar family is in mourning after suffering a tragic loss.

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