People Are Still Absolutely Losing Their Minds Over Costco's Latest Announcement

July 10, 2018Jul 10, 2018

Recently, Costco revealed some major changes that are about to take place nationwide. So far, the reaction from consumers across America has been one of fury and distress. 

The announcement is regarding changes to their food court menu. While people shop at Costco for their notorious bulk food selections, affordable prices, and free samples, one of their biggest claims to fame has been their food court. People go crazy over the cheap pizza, frozen yogurt, and, of course, their hot dogs. Now, however, Costco has revealed that they are getting rid of the beloved Polish hot dog, and consumers are losing their minds!

The company revealed that they would be removing the item in order to make more room for some healthier food options. They added some vegan options, as well as an acai bowl and meatless al pastor salad.  

While the announcement was made almost a week ago, people are still strongly reacting on social media. Below are some of the Tweets that have gone out:

What do you think about Costco's recent announcement? Let us know! In other recent news, a major update was just given about George Clooney after he was rushed to the ER after a scooter accident.