Corey Booker Accused of Sexual Assault by Gay Man Just Days After He Lectured Kavanuagh

October 22, 2018Oct 22, 2018

Corey Booker has become a poster child for the Democratic Party. The outspoken politician recently made headlines when he advocated against Justice Kavanaugh during his nomination process.

Booker gave a passionate speech about the duty of politicians to believe sexual assault allegations and survivors. Now, the tables have turned on the Senator from New Jersey.

According to reports, Booker is now at center stage in his own assault scandal. He has just been accused of sexually assaulting a gay man in 2014.

"The gist of the story is that Booker, who has admitted sexually groping a female friend in high school, sexually assaulted the man in a restroom after the alleged victim complimented him. The alleged victim’s account, published online, is lengthy and was shared with an attorney," according to the Western Journal.

Donald Trump Jr. was quick to point out the double standards by Democrats on Twitter. He tweeted about Booker and how he believes a full-scale FBI investigation should now take place.

"Based on @CoryBooker’s rules when it comes to due process for accused sexual assaulters, we must assume he’s guilty until he proves otherwise by calling for an FBI investigation into himself. I assume he won’t be running for president until that investigation is complete," wrote the President's son on Twitter.

Booker's accuser said he came forward after watching the Senator stand up for Dr. Ford in the Kavanaugh investigation. He claims he couldn't take the hypocrisy.

“Watching Mr. Booker’s histrionic defense of the alleged sexual assault victim was so laughably ironic, so jarringly cringeworthy, and so triggering that it put me into a state of depressed rumination,” he wrote.

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