Cops Walk Out On The WNBA After The Players Make THIS Statement

July 12, 2016Jul 12, 2016

Police officers across the country continue to go to work everyday despite the hatred that is thrown their way from racist anti-police protestors, politicians and the mainstream media. They don the badge and put their life on the line to serve their communities and uphold the oath they pledged.

Even the most courageous of heroes have a breaking point. After the murder of 5 police officers in Dallas, police are standing up and saying enough is enough. According to Breitbart, four off duty police officers in Minneapolis who were working security for a WNBA game on Saturday walked out due to extreme disrespect from the players.

Players from the Minnesota Lynx came onto the court for warmups wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirts. On the front it said “Change Starts with Us: Justice & Accountability.” On the back of the shirt had the Dallas police emblem and the names of the two African American men who had been shot by the police in Minnesota and Louisiana. Faced with the blatant disrespect, the officers walked out of their security job and preserved their dignity.


The disturbing display from the athletes furthers the disturbing and false notion that the murder of police officers in Dallas is an acceptable and just response to the unresolved shootings of the two men in different states. The shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling are separate cases that happened under vastly different circumstances and the police departments in the respective cities have yet to conclude their investigations.

The killing of cops on the other hand was an overtly racist and targeted attack on a specific group of people. The shirts the WNBA players wore implied that all cops are racist, an ideal that is unequivocally false. 

I for one am glad that the police are fighting back against the hatred. Are you?