Cops Visit Singer’s Home After Reports of Him Threatening to Harm His Family

September 07, 2017Sep 07, 2017

In a 24-hour period, police visited famous singer Aaron Carter’s home multiple times. According to People, the cop visits came after reports of Carter threatening to harm his family. People revealed the details regarding three phone calls made to local law enforcement, but the identity of the various callers were not released to the public.

Tuesday, 11:47 AM— a caller was concerned about Carter’s drug and alcohol abused mixed with attempting to purchase a gun recently.
Tuesday, 2:12 PM— a caller informed authorities that Carter refused medical attention following a car crash and “needed a psychiatric evaluation.”
Wednesday, 4:18 AM— a caller stated that Carter is currently in mentally unstable and has threatened to harm family members and other people.

The second phone call is in reference to Carter ramming into the back of another vehicle and totaling his own BMW. Immediately after the crash, Carter tweeted updates to his fans.

The once teen heartthrob, who is making a recent comeback with his music career, was not arrested in relation to these incidents as of Thursday, September 7th and has not responded to these accusations. However, Carter has been making major headlines since this summer after being arrested for driving under the influence and possession of drugs, revealing to his fans that he has been bi-sexual since he was a teenager, crying during an interview while discussing his insecurities, and his dad passing away earlier this year.

Additionally, his relationship with his brother Nick Carter, former member of "Backstreet Boys" and current host on "Boy Band," has been rocky. After Aaron Carter's arrest earlier this year, Aaron bashed his older brother on social media in a statement.

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